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On Demand

Originally aired on Thursday, September 11, 2014

Moving from Separation to Oneness-The Soul Contract of 9/11

Robert has a special show for the 13-year anniversary of September 11th, 2001. Tune in as Robert speaks about the 'Soul Contract' of 9/11 as the global call to move from separation to oneness and how this is showing up in our personal lives. Don't miss this show as he recalls the unique mystical experiences that surrounded him that day 13 years ago that have become teachable moments. Tune in and discover how you can find oneness in your own life.

Listen to the Thursday, September 11, 2014 show

Live Radio

Mon, Sep 22, 2014, 6pm PT/9pm ET

How to Find Your Voice and Speak Your Truth!

Why is it so essential to speak your Truth? Do you speak your Truth from 'reactivity', victimization, or vulnerability? Do you know the difference? Does it matter? Going further than Ohotto's YouTube video, get ready to be schooled on telling the Truth Ohotto Style! Tune in to this show for guidance on how to speak your truth in ways the empower you! To speak to Robert LIVE dial 818.495.6927.

Listen Monday, September 22, 2014, 6pm PT/9pm ET  

Player goes live at 9/22/2014 9:00:10 PM EDT
Robert Ohotto

Soul Connexions Radio

Explore the 'X' factor that holds the key to your destiny, intuition, relationship intimacy, and highest potential in this weekly radio show with world-renowned author and Intuitive Robert Ohotto. Discover how to transform your sabotaging patterns of loving, living, and relating through Robert's thought-provoking/paradigm shifting shows. Using his intuitive gifts to empower listeners, Robert teaches solid strategies for creating the results you most desire. To speak to Robert live, call toll free within the U.S. by dialing 818.495.6927 during the show. Long distance rates apply for International callers. Tune into the radio show that's changing lives: Soul Connexions Radio -- what's your 'X' factor?

Your Weekly Dose of Truth

Don't miss a dose of the Truth that hurts so good as Robert Ohotto brings themes from his popular radio show "Soul Connexions" to YouTube with his series: 'Your Weekly Dose of Truth!' Week after week, watch each episode to get schooled in ways that teach you how to live your true potential! Discover why thousands have come to love Ohotto's candor, compassion, humor, and willingness to tell the Truth!

Upcoming Show Schedule

Monday September 22nd, 6pm PT/9pm ET

How to Find Your Voice and Speak Your Truth!

Why is it so essential to speak your Truth? Do you speak your Truth from 'reactivity', victimization, or vulnerability? Do you know the difference? Does it matter? Going further than Ohotto's YouTube video, get ready to be schooled on telling the Truth Ohotto Style! Tune in to this show for guidance on how to speak your truth in ways the empower you! To speak to Robert LIVE dial 818.495.6927.


Thursday September 25th, 11am PT/2pm ET

Using the Power of Doubt to Change Your Life! (Live or Archive)

Is 'doubt' always a bad thing? When is it good to be doubtful? When can doubt open you up to a miracle and life shift? Tune into this revolutionary show as Ohotto turns doubt upside down in a way you could never have imagined! Learn how doubt can change your life!


Monday September 29th, 6pm PT/9pm ET

How to Resolve All Your Problems!

Got some problems that you can't solve? Is there one primary key that you're missing which could open you to new unforeseen solutions? Ohotto says 'Hella YES'! Tune into this problem solving show to find out! Bring your problems to Robert LIVE by dialing 818.495.6927!!


Thursday October 2nd, 11am PT/2pm ET

Shifting From Adult Child to Adult! (Live or Archive)

Have you always felt responsible for everyone in your life? Feel stuck in your family's issues no matter what? Did you feel responsible for your parents as a child, and still do?! Then you are likely stuck in your Adult Child! Find out how to make the shift from Adult Child to…ADULT in this life changing show.


Monday October 6th, 6pm PT/9pm ET

Robert's Surprise Show Topic!

Robert's back with a new kind of show! What will this show be about? You'll have to check Robert's Facebook Fan Page the day of the show to find out - or simply tune in live to hear whatever is on Robert's mind! To speak to Robert LIVE dial 818.495.6927!


Thursday October 9th, 11am PT/2pm ET

How to Get out of an Inner Traffic Jam!

Are you feeling like your stuck inside, jammed up, or intuitively constipated? You know…nothing seems to be flowing, can't seem to get clear guidance, and you're watching parts of you clash and crash! Then this show is for YOU! No need for a laxative, just tune in and find out how you can get the inner traffic flowing again!!


Monday October 13th, 6pm PT/9pm ET

Connected and Disconnected? How to Use Technology Spiritually

With the Internet and all the technological gadgets we have these days, are you feeling even more lost and lonely? Are you disconnecting from yourself and others in ways you're not even aware of? Tune into this timely show as Ohotto discusses how to use technology in ways that get you connected and nourished, while avoiding its misuse! For an intuitive tech reading from Robert LIVE dial 818.495.6927!


Thursday October 16th, 11am PT/2pm ET

Why You Must Have an 'Honor Code' to Live Your Highest Potential!

Do you have an honor code that you live your life by? Is it an honor code or a 'shame code'? Don't miss this show as Ohotto guides you on how to create a shame-free honor code while exploring the necessity of having one as part of your fulfilling your Destiny.


Monday October 20th, 6pm PT/9pm ET

Robert's Ultimate Guide To Letting Go of Your Past (Radio/Community Fund Show)

Are you haunted by your past? Can't seem to shake off the bad things that have happened to you or poor choices you've made? What does it really take to let the past go? Be sure to purchase this community fund show to find out! Listen in as Robert offers a holistic strategy on how you can free yourself from the past, move into the present, and welcome the potential of the future. The shame of past mistakes move aside; there's a new approach in town!


Thursday October 23rd, 11am PT/2pm ET

Being Empowered by Compassionate Authority

Does owning your power always have to make you look like a bitch or badass? Is there another way that you can stand in your authority without puffing up or shrinking down? Tune into this paradigm shifting show as Ohotto discusses how to hold yourself in relationship to others in a new way called “Compassionate Authority”!


Monday October 27th, 6pm PT/9pm ET

Intuitive Readings, Questions, and Coaching Only!

Be sure to check out this show with an open format during which Robert answers all of your questions and gives live intuitive readings/advice to callers. No topic is off limits! He'll also talk about what's currently on his mind, answer your Facebook questions. Tune in as the synchronicity of this show is sure to speak to you! Ask Robert a question by dialing 818.495.6927!!


Thursday October 30th, 11am PT/2pm ET

What are Demons, Possessions, and Spells? - Robert's Halloween Show!

Are demons real? What about 'possessions'? Can you really cast a 'spell' on someone? Find out Robert's take on these scary topics and more on Robert's Halloween Show! Tune in and get spooked by a ghost story too!


Monday November 3rd, 6pm PT/9pm ET

Awakening the Shaman Inside You to Heal Your Life

What exactly is a Shaman? Is there a Shaman inside each of us that we can access to heal our lives? How do we make contact with this part of ourselves? Tune into this riveting show as Robert explores The Shaman and Wounded Healer Archetypes within you as essential allies in healing. Find out how you can work with the power of 'Shamanic Consciousness' to bring the sacred into your life and heal on this groundbreaking show!


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