How to Deal with a Challenging 
Soul Contract 
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Before we get into the subject of this newsletter I just wanted to let those interested know that there are now only 12 Soul Destinies Home Studies available! If you buy one before September 14th (if there are any left) you will also get a FREE 7 hour intensive course on The Archetypal and Astrological Chiron included! Please see the complete info and description on the Home Study below if interested. If it speaks to you I hope you are able to take advantage of this course as the soonest it may be offered again, if at all, is about a year from now.  I also have some new openings for consultations available, please check my website for exact dates/times. 

How to Deal with a Challenging Soul Contract

Over the years as I've taught on Fate, Destiny, and Soul Contracts I'm often asked some of the same deep powerful questions: Can you change your Soul Contract once you incarnate? What is the Soul Contract of suicide? What about the Soul Contracts of those who are homeless, living in war, poverty, or famine? What about the Soul Contract of someone like Hitler? How can you deal with a Soul Contract that just plain sucks and never seems to get better? 

These are hard-hitting questions that spare no punches to be sure, and when asked point us toward an attempt to understand some of the deepest heartbreak in our lives.

On August 14th I did a Soul Connexions Radio show for my exclusive archive that addresses them all via one powerful story and experience that I had nearly 8 years ago now. Given the state of the world lately with the suicide of Robin Williams, beheadings in the Middle East, war in Russia/Ukraine, I think it's time we indeed begin to ask such probing questions if we are to live our Destinies fully and transition through these vulnerable times. 

I'd like to invite you to download this radio show for free via the link below. I dedicate this show to all who have struggled to understand why certain things have happened, or not happened to you. May it shed light on some cosmic truths and empower you to shift your life. I know that those who heard the show air live were riveted and helped greatly as evidenced by the numerous comments I received both on my website and Facebook Fan Page. 

This is also a show I encourage you to share with everyone you know. Once you hear it you'll understand why I say that. You never know how one simple compassionate act of generosity will change someone's life. That said, just click the link below to download this for yourself. I hope that this powerful show helps you in some way...please feel free to share your feedback on my website, Twitter, and Facebook Fan Page. I look forward to the discussion...

-Robert : )

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Discover Your Soul Contract with 
the Soul Destinies Home Study Course!

Due to increasing demands on Robert's calendar, Year One of the Soul Destinies program has not been offered since 2010 and won't likely be offered again until 2017. Yet because of the frequent requests he receives for this material from prospective students who were unable attend past weekend intensives in South Dakota where Robert taught, at the highest level, his ground breaking work on how to decode your Soul Contract using Intuitive Archetypal Astrology; for a limited time Robert has made the Soul Destinies course available in audio format for home study purposes again! 

Available a few weeks anyone interested in gaining an in depth understanding of their Soul Contract, Intuition, and Intuitive Archetypal Astrology can now do so at a self-guided pace without having to travel any farther than the mailbox!

Now you can have access to discovering your Soul Contract via 54 hours of audio guiding you through each carefully-crafted aspect of your 200 page workbook and seven personalized birth charts!!  The Soul Destinies Home Study option is ideal for anyone interested in exploring deeper layers of their life purpose, family legacy, psyche, and archetypes, in addition to Robert's singular teaching style and philosophy.

Having the full year of Soul Destinies weekend intensive material at your fingertips also gives you the added flexibility of tailoring this wealth of information to help you meet your own personal goals and strengthen your current personal spiritual practice.

The Soul Destinies Home Study course includes:
  • Flash Drive with 54 Hours of Audio covering workshops I, II, III
  • Seven Different Personalized Natal Charts 
  • Course Binder and 200 Page Workbook
  • A Copy of Robert's Book 'Transforming Fate into Destiny'
  • Complimentary Deck of Archetype Cards by Caroline Myss 
Among the Topics Addressed in this Course:
  • Anatomy of the Psyche
  • Cosmos as Psyche - What Are Archetypes?
  • Mythology and Astrology
  • Astrology as the Architecture of Your Consciousness
  • Archetypal Fate
  • The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac and Their Sub-Archetypes
  • Understanding the Seven Ancient Planets as Developmental Forces of Personality
  • How to Identify Collective Archetypal Patterns
  • Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto as Forces of Your Soul
  • How to Indentify Archetypal Generations and Know Your Own
  • The Astrological Ages 
  • Why Your Soul Chose to Incarnate This Lifetime
  • How Your Under Contract to Express Your Ego in Four Primary Ways and What Archetypes are Involved
  • Why Chiron is the Bridge to the Age of Aquarius
  • Transitioning from Servitude to Service via Two Significant Cycles of Saturn
  • Learning to How to See Your Entire Birth Chart as the Blueprint of Your Purpose
  • Identifying the Exact Timing of Your Soul Contract
  • Learning the 12 Houses as 12 Archetypal Steps of Ego and Soul Development
  • How to Harness Your Intuition as a Clear Guiding Voice
  • Identifying Your Archetypes of Family Legacy and Fate
  • Deep Guided Transformational Work that Connects You with Your Spirit Guides
  • Understanding Your Personal and the Collective Shadow Side of the Psyche
  • The Difference Between Guilt, Shame, and Remorse
  • How to decode Planetary Aspects as 'Clauses Written in Your Soul Contract'
  • Identifying and releasing Shadow Loyalties that keep you stuck
  • Rebuilding a Sense of Personal Value after a Dark Night of the Ego
  • Two Powerful Guided Rituals of Release and Renewal
  • Your Archetypal Guardians of Transformation and how to work with them
  • Understanding Our Collective Process of Fate and Destiny
  • The Essential Way to Your Inner Wounds
  • Identifying Your Soul Contract with Others
  • How the Psyche functions as an Energy System
  • Understanding the Soul Contract of Your Children and Family Members
  • Ethics on Intuition, the Soul Contracts of Others, and Boundaries
And so much more! Truly you'll be learning from this Home Study for years to come! Replete with transformative guided meditations, an in-depth zodiacal review, and symbolic ritual exercises, this comprehensive audio course arms you with everything you need to guide you into a fuller understanding of your Soul Contract, while learning in the most indepth way Robert teaches Archetypal Astrology.

$15 domestic shipping on this product.
$27 shipping to Canada.
$46 shipping on this product outside the United States and Canada.

Please allow up to 2-3 weeks from date of purchase for this product to ship.

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