How Shame Blocks Clear Intuition!

Hey Everyone!

Thank you all so much for the amazing feedback on my interview with Lilou Mace. If you haven't taken the time to view it, you might want to now! It's like getting a little mini-seminar with me in which I speak about how our old ways old ways of thinking and believing about Purpose, God, Intuition, Destiny, the Soul, Karma, Love, Self-Improvement, Metaphysical Laws, and more are now becoming obsolete and why. I am including a link to it once again in this newsletter - just click on it below to view it!

Many of you who have watched it have commented that you found my discussion on Shame and how it blocks/distorts your intuition and your 'Guidance Squad's' capacity to speak clearly to you to be profoundly helpful. Lots of 'aha' moments going down which makes me soooo happy! Definitely watch the video for more on that!

Your feedback on this video has led to me to an entire new line up of Radio Shows for the next few weeks, some of which are listed below. It has also informed my next newsletter which will be an article on 'How to Best Deal with Inner Dragons'.

Some questions I'd like you to consider in prep for that newsletter are: How do you feel compelled to approach your Inner Dragons? Do you find yourself wanting to get rid of your Inner Dragons? Slay them? Hug them into submission? Go with your first honest response and bring it to next week's newsletter. I'll investigate the best way to deal with Inner Dragons, what they actually are, and the difference between accountability for our Inner Dragons and shaming ourselves. I'm very excited to guide you into this deep territory in a way that is shame free. 

For now, tune into the upcoming Radio Shows that speak to you and take in this free mini-seminar/interview sponsored by the lovely Lilou Mace. Also, if you are ready to understand how your subconscious mind 'recruits'  and uses archetypal patterns in ways that sabotage you be sure to check out my ground breaking intensive workshop 'Co-creating Your Destiny in Present Time'. It's 35% off for the next week only! There's a link below to learn more.  

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