Robert and Colette's  
Archetypal Energy Forecast 
for April 22nd-29th!
Hey Everyone!
My dear friend and colleague Colette Baron-Reid and I recently put together our very first VLOG forecast! She whipped out her Oracle Decks and I brought my Astrology game - then we filmed the entire thing! This is sure to be an incredible week, check out what we had to say about on YouTube via the link below. Enjoy!
Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Coach, Counselor, Life Strategist, and Archetypal Astrologer

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Robert and Colette's 
Universal/Archetypal Energy Forcast:
April 22nd-29th 
My Thoughts on the Wise Use of Anger from my Mars Retrograde in Libra Series:
"Anger is always speaking on the behalf of something essential that is being denied; Like a need for boundaries and love...
Anger wants more from you than 'discharging' it by beating a pillow... 
Anger wants you to feel IT and discover what in you 
sent Anger as a Messenger. 
The advocacy of anger is CHANGE.  
Feel the anger. 
Embrace the change. 
Let Anger help you take the action necessary for the change..."


Transforming from Victim to Love Rebel!

(March 1st - May 19th, 2014)

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How to Create and Use the Energy of Abundance


When we think of abundance we often fail to realize that it's actually an ENERGY! Not something to go and get or 'manifest'. Beyond all the BS 'Law of Attraction' philosophies that clearly don't work; how can we truly create this energy in our lives? And once you create this amazing energy, how do you bring it into your creativity, relationships, and work in ways that work? Get ready as Robert keeps it too real and goes to the heart of what 'abundance' really is while giving you practical strategies on how to create it in your life! Abundance, get ready to be redefined! Find out why this podcast is already going viral and blowing the minds of its listeners! Be sure to share the love!






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