Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius - Transforming Your Life through the Power of a Vision
Hey Everyone!

Happy Mercury Retrograde? LOL! Oh yes, here we are yet again...Mercury is Retrograde February 6th - 28th! As the Mercury Retrogrades of 2014 move from the water signs into the air signs things are about to get very interesting.

As I've been tracking the cycle, I've been downloading lots of insights which of course I've put into a brand new 3-Hour Archetypal Astrology Podcast: Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius - Transforming Your Life through the Power of a Vision!

What strikes me so poignantly is how this retrograde begins on the same day of the Winter Olympics!! And that is so archetypally perfect! Well, astrology is a map of synchronicity after all. : ) That said, if you're interested in understanding how you can consciously work with the synchronicity of this cycle and ward off its 'Trickster' energy check out the podcast below and see if it speaks to some of the themes going on in your life right now (or about to go on!).

And by 'Trickster' I mean the usual breaking down of technology, computer crashes, losing cell phones, accidents, mishaps, missed appts, and all the other attending wake up calls that this cycle likes to give us when we cling to agendas, refuse to pay attention, surrender, go within, and listen!

Oh YES...that's when the Cosmos sends us the Trickster phenomenon, and I do these podcasts so that you just might ward it off with a little guidance to go within willingly and summon your Mercury Retrograde Message!

That message will undoubtedly include these following archetypes - in fact they may be the 'messengers'!: The Visionary, The Rebel, The Revolutionary, The Victimized Elitist, The Shapeshifter, The Scapegoat, The Whistleblower, The Humanitarian, The Idealist, The Innovator...all of which I address deeply in my audio series.

I will say that given this retrograde is primarily in the sign of Aquarius, expect your technology (computers, software, phones, etc) to get a bit shaky per the Trickster should she/he come around! Also, with Aquarius just plain 'expect the unexpected'. Yet this retrograde does also begins just slightly in 3 degrees of Pisces for a few days before moving into Aquarius on February 13th.

Which brings me to another fascinating aspect of this cycle -- it mimics the meta-cyle shift we are in: The 500 years-ish transition of the Astrological Ages shifting from Pisces to Aquarius. In fact this cycle calls us forth to rebirth ourselves through rebellion and revolution as 'custodians and mid-wives' of this Astrological Age transition. Which is why I believe it's going to be quite powerful, as well as a torch pass to the upcoming Mars Retrograde in Libra as part of the over all retrograde relay we're in the first half of 2014...WOW... Ch ch changes!

In other news, I've been rocking it out lately on my radio show, hope you've been tuning in. In fact I just had my rock start Soul Sistah Colette Baron-Reid on the show talking about 'Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much'.

We had an amazing discussion on the nature of addiction, getting out of shame spirals, and how losing the psychic emotional weight you absorb via hypersensitivity is the real key to sustained and shame free weight loss. Check out the free podcast of the show on iTunes and her groundbreaking course below by clicking on icon if you'd like to learn more about that awesomeness!

Happy Oholidays
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I'll be back in a week or so with some more thoughts and a list of upcoming radio shows!! Stay tuned...Don't think I've said this yet, and know it's late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Life Coach, Counselor, and Strategist

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius
Revolutionizing Your Life through the Power of a Vision!
(February 6th - 28th, 2014)

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn 

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How do you manage being different than others, are you ready to stop hiding?

Are you suffering from the depression of not being YOU?

Do you feel like an orphan lost in the sea of humanity?

Is it time to stage a rebellion and revolution in your life?

 How can you best handle others who scapegoat you for telling the truth?

How can you use the gift of being blunt and direct with others?

Why should you 'expect the unexpected' during this retrograde?!
Find out as Robert guides you through the latest Mercury Retrograde in this illuminating podcast!

If you want to know what this current archetypal cycle has in store for you and what strategies you'll need to align with it in a conscious and empowered way, then look no further! Get ready to use the power of astrological alchemy and timing in your life with Robert's latest groundbreaking insights!
During this over 3-hour / 3-part podcast Robert covers in enormous depth the Aquarian pattern and how to work with its animation in your life during this cycle! All of this is done 'Ohotto' style illuminating why it's essential to consciously engage this powerful Retrograde. With his classic words of wisdom on how to use the energy and timing of this powerful archetypal process, Robert will gift you with insights that empower, transform, and stay with you for the rest of your life.


  • How the current Mercury Retrograde is animating the transition from Pisces to Aquarius in our lives
  • Why you were born to be different and how to be empowered by this!
  • Why this cycle is calling you out of hiding and into the world
  • How this cycle is summoning you to stage a rebellion and why this must lead to revolution!
  • Do you meet life as a Victim or Visionary?
  • How to undertand the intuitive revelations and how they can get distorted by your shame filter
  • Radical 'Ohotto Style' questions to ask yourself and exercises to help unlock your Mercury Retrograde Message!
  • How to a Vision reveals itself to us and how to recognize when you've been given one!
  • Why it's now essential to understand the Power of a Vision!
  • How this cycle mirrors the greater shift of Astrological Ages we are in: from Pisces to Aquarius
  • Why the Winter Olympics will be the center stage upon which we perceive the message of this cycle
  • How the Victimized Elitist, Visionary, Whistleblower, Shapeshifter, Innovator, Humanitarian, Idealist, and Lightbearer Archetypes are involved in this retrograde cycle!
  • The duality of being different and how to embrace it
  • How this MR cycle connects to the previous MRs of 2013 and passes the torch to the upcoming Mars Retrograde in this current 'Retrograde Relay' of 2014!
  • Exact dates and timing for this cycle and how to use them
  • The difference between an authentic vision vs. wounded ego fantasy
  • Why progress, not perfection, is essential medicine for this cycle!
  • Why it's essential to redefine what your Ideals are during this cycle
  • Understanding the difference between Perfectionist Ideals and Compassionate Ideals
  • When you are stuck, how to summon the Grace of the 3rd Option!
  • Embracing the technology of LOVE
  • Discovering who you are meant to be as a 'cell' within the larger body of Humanity!
  • How to keep the Trickster at bay during this powerful cycle! 
...and so much more is packed into this 3 hour/3 part audio series! Get ready for some Rock Star Cosmic Coaching!!
No one does Astrology like Robert Ohotto, find out why in this life changing audio series download!  

The download for this course will come in a 'zip' file which contains 3 audio tracks in mp3 format comprising the audio series. After you download the 'zip file' you must 'unzip' it before you can listen to the audio. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE FILE TO YOUR PHONE OR TABLET UNLESS YOU HAVE AN APP THAT UNZIPS FILES ON YOUR DEVICE - your computer only.
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