Calendar of Events

Wednesday July 27th, 6pmPT/9pmET (LIVE RADIO)

Soul Connexions RadioIntuitive Readings, Questions, and Coaching Only!

Be sure to check out this show with an open format during which Robert answers all of your questions and gives live intuitive readings/advice to callers. No topic is off limits! He'll also talk about what's currently on his mind, answer your Facebook questions. Tune in as the synchronicity of this show is sure to speak to you! Ask Robert a question by dialing 818.495.6927!!


Wednesday Aug 3rd, 6pmPT/9pmET (Exclusive Archive)

Soul Connexions RadioWhy You Shouldn't Try to Fix Your Life - Shift It Instead!

What is the difference between fixing your life and shifting it? What does it take to make a true shift? In this poignant Exclusive Archive podcast Robert explains the difference and why we can never really fix our lives, nor should we try to. Rather we are spiritually meant to make a shift instead!


Wednesday Aug 10th, 6pmPT/9pmET (LIVE RADIO)

Soul Connexions RadioRobert's Surprise Show Topic and Announcement!

Robert's back with a new kind of show! What will this show be about? You'll have to check Robert's Facebook Fan Page the day of the show to find out - or simply tune in live to hear whatever is on Robert's mind! To speak to Robert LIVE dial 818.495.6927!




Keep checking back for more updates to Robert’s schedule, there’s more to come!


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