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Monday July 21st, 6pm PT/9pm ET

Soul Connexions RadioThe Difference between Living Your Purpose and Living Your Destiny!

What does it mean to live your Life's Purpose? Is there a difference between that and living your Destiny? Want to call in LIVE and speak to Robert about your Life Purpose confusion? Then make sure you listen to this rock star show to find out how to move from Purpose to Destiny! To speak to Robert LIVE dial 818.495.6927.


Thursday July 24th, 11am PT/2pm ET

Soul Connexions RadioThe Survivor: The Necessity of Building Spiritual Endurance through Challenge! (Live or Archive)

What does it mean to build 'Spiritual Endurance and Stamina'? Are there times when we give up too soon just before a door opens? How do we know that we are in Spiritual Boot Camp meant to build strength vs. on the wrong path? Tune into this kick ass show as Robert helps you engage the power of The Survivor Archetype as an ally of your Highest Potential!


Monday July 28th, 6pm PT/9pm ET

Soul Connexions RadioIntuitive Readings, Questions, and Coaching Only!

Be sure to check out this show with an open format during which Robert answers all of your questions and gives live intuitive readings/advice to callers. No topic is off limits! He'll also talk about what's currently on his mind, answer your Facebook questions. Tune in as the synchronicity of this show is sure to speak to you! Ask Robert a question by dialing 818.495.6927!!


Thursday July 31st, 11am PT/2pm ET

Soul Connexions RadioEmbracing the Power of Emptiness

Why is emptiness an essential state that must be cultivated as part of the Dark Night of the Ego? Furthermore, what exactly is 'emptiness'? How does it act as a bridge from one life cycle to the next? Why is this powerful source of creative renewal so terrifying for us? How can we learn to embrace its grace? Find out on this enlightening show!


Monday August 4th, 6pm PT/9pm ET

Soul Connexions RadioRobert's Ultimate Guide To Letting Go of Your Past (Radio Fund Show)

Are you haunted by your past? Can't seem to shake off the bad things that have happened to you or poor choices you've made? What does it really take to let the past go? Be sure to purchase this radio fund show to find out! Listen in as Robert offers a holistic strategy on how you can free yourself from the past, move into the present, and welcome the potential of the future. The shame of past mistakes move aside; there's a new approach in town!


Thursday August 7th, 11am PT/2pm ET

Soul Connexions RadioWhy You Must Have an 'Honor Code' to Live Your Highest Potential! (Live or Archive)

Do you have an honor code that you live your life by? Is it an honor code or a 'shame code'? Don't miss this show as Ohotto guides you on how to create a shame-free honor code while exploring the necessity of having one as part of your fulfilling your Destiny.


Monday August 11th, 6pm PT/9pm ET

Soul Connexions RadioWhat are 'Soul Contracts', Do You Have One?

What are Soul Contracts? Do you have one? How can you recognize what yours is? What about your Soul Contracts to others? Do you have a Soul Contract with organizations, animals, or even with the Earth? Want to find out? Then don't miss this revealing show as Ohotto teaches you how to know your Soul Contracts! To speak to Robert LIVE about your Soul Contracts dial 818.495.6927!


Thursday August 14th, 11am PT/2pm ET

Soul Connexions RadioHow to Deal with a Crappy Soul Contract! (Live or Archive)

Do you feel that your Soul Contract sucks ass? How can you deal with it? Does a crappy Soul Contract ever get better? What about the Soul Contracts of those who are homeless, living in war, poverty, and famine -- or the Soul Contract of someone like Hitler? Brace yourself for answers to these hard-hitting questions as Robert reveals radical truths while keeping it real regarding painful Soul Contracts.


Monday August 18th, 6pm PT/9pm ET

Soul Connexions RadioAwakening the Shaman Inside You to Heal Your Life

What exactly is a Shaman? Is there a Shaman inside each of us that we can access to heal our lives? How do we make contact with this part of ourselves? Tune into this riveting show as Robert explores The Shaman and Wounded Healer Archetypes within you as essential allies in healing. Find out how you can work with the power of 'Shamanic Consciousness' to bring the sacred into your life and heal on this groundbreaking show!


Thursday August 21st, 11am PT/2pm ET

Soul Connexions RadioHow to 'Let Go and Let God'

What does it really mean to 'Let Go and Let God'? When should we let go, and when should we take action? Tune in to this riveting and freeing show as Robert helps you track when you've done all you can and now it's time to let the Divine take over and do the rest!



Keep checking back for more updates to Robert’s schedule, there’s more to come!


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