Business Consultations

Throughout the years Robert has helped many entrepreneurs, authors, TV show and movie producers, actors, designers, and various businesses maximize their potential via consultations focused on developing new ideas and innovative strategies for success.

Whether you’re planning to start a new business, write a book, or developing a marketing strategy, it can be of enormous importance to understand the cycles and energies surrounding such endeavors from both a personal and collective perspective.

For example, if you’re going to write a book, and are looking to publish it at the most auspicious time, it would be very helpful to assess your personal cycles to see if the time is right for you to move forward. In addition, to write a book that others will actually buy and read, you must understand how their needs are shaped by the collective cycles affecting the world so that you can speak to those new needs via your book. Otherwise, your book might not be relevant for what people drawn to your field of expertise are looking for.

Timing and strategy can mean everything regarding the successful launch of any enterprise, certainly if you wish to achieve maximum impact. To that end, Robert offers consultations uniquely designed to help clients develop the most informed strategies for successful planning with regards to their personal, creative, and business goals..

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